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Promac TDM Series Twin Disc Mulcher

Promac’s new design and the industry’s first, twin disc mulcher combines the production of a disc unit with the safety and stability of a drum. Mulching the two together creates a perfect blend of high performance and low cost of ownership. Exceptional visibility, debris control, and a short center of gravity mean this mulcher is stable and safe for you and your surroundings. These combined features make this mulcher the New Breed and one contractor can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Through extensive development, customer consultation, and rigorous testing the twin disc mulcher combines much of the feature-rich technology found in our other products and takes them to the next level. Powered by two radial piston motors, requiring 36 GPM @ 4000psi, this unit produces high torque even at low RPMs where standard hydraulic motors stop producing. The two counter-rotating discs destroy everything in their path and work in unison with three counter anvils to produce a consistent, uniform mulch size without requiring re-processing. The frame structure is made with high-strength steel throughout and controls the debris flow. Exceptional visibility allows you to see exactly what is, and has been, cut without having to reposition. These features combined with economical tooling create a mulcher that is efficient to run, easy on the wallet, and enjoyable to watch!

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FLOW MIN (GPM) (2)36 – 50 GPM (95-165 HP)

Standard features at a glance

Twin Discs

Two discs are better than one. Keeping the center of gravity short while increasing the cutting width allows for a more stable platform than single discs. The cutting point is central in the frame and the debris path deposits perfectly mulched material directly front and center. Because the discs are smaller they spool up faster increasing productive time.

Counter Anvils

These bad boys are replaceable, machined, counter knives that contribute directly to the highly efficient mulching capabilities of the mulcher. They help produce a consistent chip size and eliminate jamming by making sure we don’t bite off more than we can chew. By limiting the overall size of what can enter the frame we ensure disc decay is kept in check and material is processed as efficiently as possible.


Increasing productive time even more for us is achieved through our choice of using radial piston motors. Because low rpm in bent axis and gear motors generally means low torque, radial piston motors having the highest low rpm torque ratings keeps the mulcher working even when heavily loaded.


Light and strong means we can keep the center of gravity closer to the cab making the overall mulching experience fun and safe. Because of the reduced disc diameters the frame can be smaller and closer reducing bouncing and general instability seen with single disc units. High strength steel and strategically placed wear plate will keep this frame dependable for years to come.


Keeping things simple and efficient we opted for a single tooth for the top bottom and sides. This allows for simpler parts ordering, decreased delivery times, industry wide availability and economical pricing.