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RGC S14/S16/S20/ S24 Cut-off Saw

The RGC Cut-off saws are versatile construction tools that cut clean, fast, and precisely, through concrete, steel, stone, composition material, or hard fiber when equipped with the appropriate abrasive or diamond blade. The slim line design of the saw allows cuts to be made within inches of a wall or an obstruction. The saw has an adjustable blade guard, water hose connection for wet cutting, and 12-inch long hose whips.


  • 14in.,16 in., and 24 in. models available.
  • Cut concrete, stone, brick, block, pipe reinforced concrete, and steel beams quickly and cleanly.
  • Cutting depths of 5.25in.to0 9.51in.
  • Heavy duty guard and trigger lockout safety feature protect the operator.
  • Lightweight, rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws.
  • Cuts vertically, horizontally, and underwater.
  • Dual-function trigger for automatic WET CUTTING.
  • Compatible with our WALL-MOUNTED SAW GUIDE.
  • Use inside or outside with no exhaust pollutants.