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Stanley CS28 60″ or 90″ Pole Chainsaws

The CS28 60″ pole chainsaws are ideal for use by right-of-way crews, utilities, parks departments and grounds-keepers. Lightweight, they feature fiberglass poles for convenient handling in tight spots.

Pole Chainsaw hydraulic tree pruning trimming branch

Lightweight, they feature fibreglass poles for convenient handling in tight spots and automatic chain oiling for long, reliable service. The CS28’s are designed for HTMA Type II circuits and has an optimum flow of 8 gpm/30 lpm. The CS25’s are ideal for HTMA Type I circuits commonly found on bucket trucks where hydraulic circuit flow is often limited to 4-6 gpm /15-23 lpm. For greater versatility, the Stanley “Dual Spool” permits the user to adjust the saw to operate from either open or closed-centre circuits. The CS25/CS28 uses a low kickback, .325-pitch saw chain for added safety. The flow rating is easily changed by replacing the gear chamber and two gears.

hydraulic tool manual icon bookhydraulic tool specifications

  • Pole center line close to bar center line
  • External bar oiler
  • Common bar and chain
  • OC/CC dual spool
  • Integral branch hook
  • Meets ASTM F711-83
  • Rim Sprocket
  • Guide Plates
  • Reduced operator fatigue
  • Quick/Convenient adjustments
  • Easy to source replacement parts
  • Smoother operation, retains chain
  • Match the tool hydraulics to the circuit
  • Extra long bucking face passes requirements for live-line tools
  • Keeps loose chain in place