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Rental Policies

Terms and conditions are subject to change.

What Constitutes a Rental Period?
Rental periods on most equipment start from the time the equipment is picked up. A minimum rental rate only applies during the opening hours of our store. A day rental is 24 hours from the time the equipment is picked up. Our weekly rate is based on 7 full days and our 4-week period is based on 28 continuous calendar days.

Cleaning Charges
Please return equipment clean and in good working order. Cleaning charges will be based on current shop labour rates if required.

Equipment Availability
We cannot guarantee the availability of all equipment. Please call to see if an item is in stock or if we need to bring it in for you. Reservations require full payment of the rental fee in advance. Even if your equipment is reserved we have to depend on the equipment coming back to us in a timely manner and in good condition from the previous renter.

Delivery & Pick Up is available on most equipment.
Delivery and setup charges will apply if we bring equipment to your worksite. Other labour charges may apply if our equipment is not ready when our driver arrives for pick up. Customer pick-ups: As a courtesy, we help customers load and unload equipment into their own vehicles. However, we are not responsible for damages caused to vehicles during this process.

Rental Deposits
If you do not have a current and in good standing account with us, deposits and photo ID are required on all equipment rentals. Deposits can be made by Visa and Mastercard only.

Definition of Service Area
Accudraulics will always strive to provide superior service for our customers. Occasionally, customers will rent equipment for use in remote locations. If equipment failure occurs, it can be challenging to resolve the issue. Accudrualics will not assume liability for costs incurred with servicing or exchanging the equipment outside of our normal service area.

Our service area is defined by the following conditions:

  • 80 km or a one-hour drive from our location.
  • The site must be accessible by a maintained road.

If your site location is outside this description you will be responsible for all the following costs:

  • Labour costs.

  • Transportation of service personnel to and from the site.

  • Transportation of parts, tools and lubricants to and from the site.

  • Meals and lodging for the duration of the service personnel stay.

  • To provide security for the service personnel, parts and equipment to and from the site.

  • All rental costs for the duration of time that the equipment is out until it is returned to our location.