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No Worries Warranty Terms and Conditions

At Accudraulics, we stand behind the products we sell. We want you to be extremely satisfied with the products you purchase from us and will work unrelentingly towards that goal.

New Tools

Tool manufacturers have different and specific warranties for their products that we back and support. We are an authorized repair facility for all of the lines of tools that we sell. We are able to process repair claims within the manufacturer’s warranty guideline right at our shop.

Used Tools

Our used and reconditioned tools are protected for 90 days from the date of purchase to run as expected and to be free from defects under normal use. At our discretion, we will either repair the tool where possible or refund your purchase price.


FREIGHT COSTS: Freight costs to return parts to Accudraulics if requested by Accudraulics for the purpose of evaluating a warranty claim for warranty credit, are covered under this policy if the claimed part or parts are approved for warranty. Freight costs for any part or parts which are not approved for warranty credit will be the responsibility of the individual.

DIES & CUTTING ACCESSORIES: Dies & cutting accessories such as breaker tool bits, dies, blades … are warranted to be free of defects in material and or workmanship at the time of delivery only.

ITEMS PRODUCED BY OTHER MANUFACTURERS: Components which are not sold by Accudraulics and are warranted by their respective manufacturers. Costs incurred to remove Accudraulics manufactured component in order to service an item manufactured by other manufacturers.

REPAIRS, ALTERATIONS, MODIFICATIONS: Alterations or modifications to any tool or part. All obligations under this warranty shall be terminated if the new tool or part is altered or modified in any way. Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to repairs by anyone which in Accudraulics’ sole judgment caused or contributed to the failure or deficiency.

NORMAL WEAR : Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to normal wear and tear such as tool bushings, retaining pins, wear plates, bumpers, retaining rings and plugs, rubber bushings, recoil springs, seals, guiding rings, etc.

INCIDENTAL / CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES: To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will Accudraulics be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages and/or expenses.

FREIGHT DAMAGE : Damage caused by improper storage or freight handling.

LOSS TIME: Loss of operating time to the user while the tool(s) is out of service.

IMPROPER OPERATION: Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to a failure to follow the guidelines and/or procedures as outlined in the tool’s operation and maintenance manual.

MAINTENANCE: Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to not maintaining the tool(s) in good operating condition as outlined in the Operation and Maintenance Manual.

HYDRAULIC PRESSURE & FLOW, HEAT, TYPE OF FLUID: Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to excess hydraulic pressure, excess hydraulic back-pressure, excess hydraulic flow, excessive heat, or incorrect hydraulic fluid.

MISAPPLICATION: Any failure or performance deficiency attributable to misapplication. “Misapplication” is defined as usage of products for which they were not originally intended or usage of products in such a matter which exposes them to abuse or accident, without first obtaining the written consent of Stanley.

Terms and Conditions subject to change. Please contact Accudraulics directly for most current terms.