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AMA Hard Facing

AMA WEAR 814H electrode is an enhanced alloy for HARD FACING applications requiring heat, spalling, and severe crushing resistance. A superior all position electrode, designed for hot work applications, it features special alloying and fluxing agents producing the ultimate in homogenous porous-free high-density weld deposits. Primarily used for overlays and complete impression welds on press forging die. Other uses that are suited for this material include upsetter insert dies, hammer dies, wearing surfaces, shears, and all A.I.S.I.H series hot work tool steels.

Alloy Type Cr-Ni-Mo-W
Hardness RC 42-44
Machinability By Grinding Only
Amperage 80-125 125-175
(in) 1/8″ 5/32″

For touch-up repairs on forging dies, a localized preheat of 400°F is sufficient with a slow cool. Use AC or DC reverse polarity after grinding or scarfing defective areas for repair applications. Be sure to remove all oxides and other foreign matter from the area before welding. For full impression welds on-die blocks, preheat to 900°F. Maintain temperature during welding. After welding, cool in still air to 300°F to obtain ultimate grain refinement and complete transformation on austenite in weld deposit. Temper at 1050° at one hour per inch on thickness at temperature.