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Blue Diamond Drum Mulcher

The Blue Diamond® Drum Mulcher is designed for clearing brush and heavy mulching with a 60″ cut width. Our mulcher, with its 34-tooth cutting drum, knows no equal. From clearing acres of dense trees to site prep, no job is too big or small for your skid steer with this attachment.

19011060” W/Chipping Teeth35-52 GPM2,460 lbs
19011560” W/Carbide Teeth35-52 GPM2,504 lbs
  • Low profile tooth anvil (carbide compatible)
  • Secondary edge guard on the tooth anvil
  • Heavy duty overhung load adapter
  • Hydraulic motor case overpressure protection (COP)
  • Serrated push bar
  • Long-life heavy duty drum bearings
  • Single 1-inch high grade bolt tooth fastening system
  • Reversible chipping tooth (4 times-Standard Tooth, 2 times- Carbide tooth)
  • Tooth anvil with secondary edge guard
  • Danfoss H1B 110cc 2 speed motor

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