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Blue Diamond Mini Angle Broom Heavy Duty Series 2

The Blue Diamond® Mini Angle Broom is a smaller version of our original angle broom. It still uses the heavy duty bearings, frame and motor. The bidirectional motor allows debris to be swept while moving forward or in reverse. The manual or hydraulic angle is perfect to make sure you put your debris where you want it.

11618036″ Hydraulic Angle495 lbs
11618236″ Manual Angle495 lbs
11620048″ Hydraulic Angle564 lbs
11620248″ Manual Angle564 lbs
11620560″ Hydraulic Angle760 lbs
11620760″ Manual Angle760 lbs
  • 36″, 48″, or 60″ widths
  • 26″ bristles
  • Steel, poly, or poly/steel bristles available
  • 3-position manual or hydraulic angle
  • Stands protect bristles when not in use
  • 12 GPM minimum flow range
  • 1-year warranty
  • Mounts available to fit most machines

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