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Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Series

The Blue Diamond® Extreme Duty Skid Steer Snow Blower is engineered for years of use.  A high pressure bypass relief system eliminates the need for shear pins during sudden stops.  With a choice of widths and motor packages, you can find the optimal sized snow blower to match your skid steer’s capacity.

ModelFlow RangeCut WidthCut HeightOverall WidthOverall HeightWeight
68″11-16 GPM69.7″29.5″73.5″60.5″915 lbs.
68″17-20 GPM69.7″29.5″73.5″60.5″915 lbs.
68″21-23 GPM69.7″29.5″73.5″60.5″915 lbs.
72″17-20 GPM73.7″29.5″77.5″60.5″950 lbs.
72″21-23 GPM73.7″29.5″77.5″60.5″950 lbs.
72″24-25 GPM73.7″29.5″77.5″60.5″950 lbs.
72″30-40 GPM73.7″29.5″77.5″60.5″950 lbs.
84″24-25 GPM85.7″29.5″89.5″60.5″1050 lbs.
84″26-29 GPM85.7″29.5″89.5″60.5″1050 lbs.
84″30-40 GPM85.7″29.5″89.5″60.5″1050 lbs.

  • Aggressive toothed 16″ auger with 2 ¼ x ¼” ribbon flighting,
  • 5 blade fan, 22″ diameter, 6 1/2″ deep,
  • No shear pins; high-pressure bypass relief system,
  • No chains; direct drive auger and fan,
  • 270 hydraulic rotary chute with 7” opening,
  • Hydraulic chute deflector,
  • Adjustable hardened steel skid shoes,
  • 7 gauge steel fan housing,
  • 10 gauge steel blower shell,
  • 1/4″ end plates,
  • High strength corner bracing
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane idler wheels
  • Bolt-on grader cutting edge.

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