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Cembre B1350L-CA 6Ton 18V Cordless Cutting and Crimping Tool

B1350L-CA is the first of a new generation of hand-held cordless tools, characterized by the “Bilinear” structure of the tool’s mechanics. Equipped with an intelligent automatic return at the end of the pressing cycle (Smart Release).

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The EPS guarantees the precision of the crimping operation, checking the actual value of pressure and informing the operator about possible errors (EPS).

The OLED display provides essential real-time operating data, including:
– the crimping  force generated, thus verifying accordance with best practice
– battery charge status
– general operating information
– the number of work cycles completed and remaining before the recommended maintenance.

Expressed in our designs, here weight and balance has been reconfigured to yield advances in handling and convenience. The more rigid structure of the bi-component plastic body provides greater mechanical protection while its rubber inserts boost operator safety and comfort. Quieter operation, illumination of the working area via LED lights and a minimum of vibration make for even more practical use. The integrated memory card enables the user to store data from up to 200,000 compression cycles for transfer to a computer via a USB communication interface. (SMARTOOL technology).

B540nd is a professional tool ideal for OH lines and residential service applications.

Operating features:

  • Bilinear structure of the tool’s mechanics
  • Intelligent automatic return at the end of the cycle (Smart Release)
  • OLED multifunctional display with touch button
  • Electronic Pressure Sensor (EPS)
  • SMARTOOL technology for viewing and downloading operational data.
  • 180° rotating head
  • Start button protected against accidental operation
  • Pressure release button
  • 4 LED lighting of the working area
  • Bi-component plastic body
  • Anatomical shaping for more convenient and practical grip
  • Li-Ion 18.0 V-2Ah rechargeable high capacity battery
  • Automatic battery connection system with release button
  • Stick tool shape for better handling.
  • Can be operated with one hand. Balanced for greater control. Jaws rotate by 180° for ease of operation in confined spaces.
  • The tool is fitted with a maximum pressure valve.
  • Extremely quiet, minimal vibration.
  • Durable moulded body offering high resistance to wear and damage in all operating conditions.
  • New Li-Ion 18V 2Ah High Power battery. The battery is equipped with led indicators that indicate the remaining battery life at any time by pressing the adjacent button.
  • Supplied in a robust vinyl bag to accommodate the tool and all the accessories.
  • Two batteries and AC charger (110-115V) included. The same charger of all our tools.

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