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Rockland Cleanup Grapples

Available now at ACCUDRAULICS, Rockland’s new clean-up grapple is designed to turn your loader into a more efficient debris-removal machine. The clean-up grapple functions like a claw – allowing operators to scoop and load leaves, garden waste, manure, wood chips, and other debris with ease.

Rockland’s clean-up grapple features two independent hydraulic clamps that surround and pick up material rather than pushing material around. This makes clean up fast and easy. When handling large loads, loss during movement is eliminated by the two-foot vertical extension option.

Built from high-strength alloy steel, the grapple is wear and abrasion-resistant, even with frequent contact on asphalt and other hard surfaces. All Rockland clean-up grapples feature heat-treated, reversible, bolt-on cutting edges for years of dependable service. Extreme duty versions and customization for severe and unique applications are available.

  • Grabbing and loading debris is easier than ever before,
  • Two arms wrap around a pile and surround the debris
  • Replaceable edges and piano hinge clamp pivots provide long wear life.