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Erskine Mini Snow/Light Material Bucket

The Mini Snow/Light Material Bucket allows you to move large amounts of snow and other light material with your mini skid steer. Save time and money by moving more in less time with this high quality long-lasting attachment.

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ModelMini Snow/Light Material Bucket
Part Number (Toro)900649
Part Number (ASV)900650
Part Number (Bobcat)900651
Part Number (Universal)900660
Weight185 lb. (Toro), 200 lb. (ASV), 195 lb. (Bobcat), 245 lb. (Universal)
Depth (bucket)31.4”
Side Plate Wear Bars.25” grade 50
Cutting Edge.5” x 4” 1060 HR
Skid Bottom Wear Plates.25” grade 50
Grade of Steel (bucket body)A36
Steel Thickness (bucket body)12 gauge
Struck Capacity10.7 cu. feet
Heaped Capacity13.3 cu. feet
Bolt-on Cutting Edge
  • 1/4” grade 50 steel construction side plate wear bars
  • 1/4” grade 50 steel construction skid bottom wear plates
  • Large 13.3 cu. feet heaped capacity

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