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Erskine Vibratory Packer for Skid Steers – 72 Smooth and 72 Padded Foot


Perfect for compact flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs while moving forward or in reverse. Offset drum design compacts next to sidewalks, walls or curbs. Drum oscillation keeps the roller in contact with the surface on uneven terrain.


  • Offset drum design allows the right side of the roller to extend past the machine. This is very useful when compacting next to sidewalks, walls, or curbs,
  • Durable one-piece drum for extra strength,
  • Dual-direction vibration motor permits compaction traveling in either direction,
  • Drum rubber isolation mounts reduce vibration transfer to loader and operator,
  • The solid shaft running the full length of the drum is equipped with 4 greasable bearings.


Model 72 Smooth 72 Padded Foot
Part Number 900722 900723
Operating Weight 1,720 lb. 1,870 lb.
Height 24” 27.5”
Width 84” 84”
Length 42” 42”
VPM 2,000 @ 18 GPM 2,000 @ 18 GPM
Flow Range 11-22 GPM 11-22 GPM
Dynamic Force 4,150 lb. 4,100 lb.
Amplitude .06” .05”
Compacting Energy 80 lb./in. 290 lb./in.
Oscillation +/- 15° +/- 15°
Case Drain Required Required
Case Drain Coupler
Factory Installed Couplers