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The Rotary Brush Mower / Brush Cutter has been re-engineered for rugged durability, safety, and ease of operation. The 66”, 72” and 78” models are built from 1/4” steel making them some of the strongest brush mowers manufactured. This is the most versatile mower on the market today. Use it to cut trees, brush, and unwanted weeds and grass. Its unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system allows you to cut evenly on level surfaces, as well as the most rugged terrain.


  • Our exclusive Diamond Finish is tough and durable
  • Unique automatic Float-n-Tilt™ system
  • Equipped with safety shut-off system
  • Cuts moving forward or reverse
  • Hydraulic motor with pressure relief, extremely quiet
  • Pressure relief system for quick shutdown safety
  • No shear pins or drive clutches
  • Dual-edge cutting blades can be operated in reverse for longer life
  • Cut, clear, and mulch unwanted brush, thickets, grass and saplings up to 3″ in diameter
  • Break new trails, clear ditches, construction, property sites, and other overgrown areas
  • Best value: powerful, versatile, great price

Model66” Low Flow66”72”78”
Part Number901594901596901597901598
Mounting PlateUniversalUniversalUniversalUniversal
Recommended Hydraulic Flow13 – 17 GPM18 – 27 GPM17 – 32 GPM17 – 32 GPM
Cutting Diameter66”66”72”78”
Operating Weight1,390 lb.1,390 lb.1,460 lb.1,620 lb.
Cutter CapacityMaterial up to 3”Material up to 3”Material up to 3”Material up to 3”
Deck Steel Thickness1/4″1/4″1/4″1/4″
Bidirectional Kit
Push Bar
Wheel Kit
Replacement Blade Kit
Factory Installed Couplers

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