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Pengo Auger Drive RT9 Series

The RT-9 Anchor drive is perfect for the small anchor installation and drilling projects. The auto-shift feature allows the drive to automatically shift between high speed and low torque and low-speed high torque depending on the input flow. If you chose to use this drive for drilling, select the Pengo TriMax® or Utility auger for best results.

The RT9 anchor drive is intended for use on 4T–24T excavators, depending on the drive size. These two-speed automatic shift drives are perfect for anchor installation projects when using a skid steer, mini excavator, backhoe or excavator. Add a mount and the TruLink® Torque Monitor System for a complete drive package.

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  • Removable top section,
  • Standard cross-over pressure relief system that is designed to protect the motor from pressure spikes and potential overload conditions,
  • Attached manual holder for quick access,
  • Highly efficient gearbox designed for long duty cycles,
  • 2″ Hex output shaft.

Displacement 11.9 cu/in (195cc)
Motor Type Two Speed Bi-Directional
Motor Output Shaft 1 1/4″ Spline 14T
Motor Mount SAE – C 4 Bolt
Motor Ports 1 5/8″ – 12-UN-2B
Cross Over Pressure Relief Set at 3100 PSI

Gearbox Type Planetary Two Stage
Reduction Ratio 25.36:1
Output Shaft 2 1/2″ Hex
Internal Oil Capacity 2.0 Gallons
Oil Type SAE 80W90 GL-5
Shaft Pull Out (lbs.) 22,500