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The C100 with a 15” bar requires 12 gpm oil flow at 2000 – 2500 psi oil pressure, water flow of 2-1/2 gpm and 50 psi. The C100 weighs approximately 23 lbs.

  • Dual function trigger starts and stops tool and water simultaneously.
  • Roller nose sprocket maximizes chain and bar life.
  • 15 in. bar provides full 15 in. cutting depth.
  • 13 in. bar provides full 13 in. cutting depth.
  • Choose from these Diamond segmented chains: S-series chains cut medium soft to very hard aggregate
    with moderate to heavy steel rebar OR L-series chains cut green concrete, brick, and concrete
    block without steel rebar.
  • Can be powered by an RGC or HydraPak or any other compatible power source.