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RGC C120 – 12 GPM Hydra-Cutter Saw

A high-powered, flexible saw that makes quick work of any cuts, the RGC HydraCutter C120™ is the latest evolution of hard-working saws that have been industry leaders for decades.

PN: 1919123, 1919124

  • The C120™ is equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor that requires up to 12 GPM @ 2000-2500 psi, 17.4 hp at 12 GPM and 2500 psi.
  • Makes clean plunge, bottom, notch, trim and corner cuts without over-cutting.
  • Cast aluminum ergonomic frame enhances cutting precision while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Cushioned handles and balanced weight distribution enhance cutting with minimal force.
  • Dual function trigger starts and stops tool and water simultaneously.
  • Trigger lockout safety feature is standard.
  • Water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling and abrasive flushing through internal water passages in the bars.
  • Roller nose sprocket maximizes chain and bar life.