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Rockland Heavy Duty Bucket

Heavy-duty excavator buckets are a must-have tool for any job site since they are ideal for moving a variety of soils, gravel and even larger rocks and boulders. When it comes time to choose the correct bucket for your application, turn to the pros at Rockland. Rockland’s buckets tackle the most challenging excavation work without breaking the bank. Heavy duty excavator bucket weight ranges from 15k-110k lbs.

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  • Get full loads with every pass.
  • Ideal for tough excavation work.
  • Rock Strips reduce shell wear.
  • Dual-radius shell and tapered end plates deliver superior load release.
  • Available with bolt-on sidecutters, vertical shrouds, and segments.
  • Available with points and adapters of your choice.
  • Custom wear plates, logos, and other features available upon request.

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