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Rockland Krypto Klaw

The Rockland Krypto Klaw® excavator bucket does it all on challenging demolition and land clearing jobs where strength and versatility are required. Two hydraulic cylinders operate the wide, heavy-duty Krypto Klaw® clamp to deliver more clamping force in all positions than any excvator bucket thumb. All Krypto Klaw cylinders are made in-house with the most demanding applications in mind.

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  • Dig, rip and tear with the Krypto Klaw® bucket.
  • Wide, dual cylinder clamp delivers more clamp force than possible with any excavator thumb design.
  • Ideal for demolition and land clearing.
  • Use 100% of the excavator’s reach.
  • Easy, low cost installation. Nothing to weld to the stick. Perfect for multi-machine fleets.

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