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Rockland Tilting Bucket

Rockland Manufacturing has a tilt bucket for excavators designed to increase excavator productivity, so you can accomplish more on every slope and cut. This attachment is compatible with various machine brands, so you can trust our bucket attachment will perform on your excavator.

The tilt bucket offers up to 90 degrees of tilt and 45 degrees of slope to the left or right, allowing you to move more earth with every cut you make. We built heavy-duty cylinders for this tilt bucket attachment that provide maximum articulation and control for your project. If you can’t easily adjust the pressure in your excavator, you’ll benefit from our pressure relief valve option.

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  • 90 degrees of tilt, 45 degrees slope left or right
  • Equipped with Rockland-built, heavy-duty cylinders that provide maximum control and articulation
  • Easy maintenance with common sense hose routing and easy-to-reach grease fittings
  • Available with a pressure relief valve – a great solution for machines where the pressure cannot be easily adjusted!
  • Add custom colors, logos, ID tags, and other features upon request

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