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Stanley Hydrant Saver

Quick and easy valve seat removal without excavation!

Hydrant seat removed in less than 5 minutes!
Safe and effective method without reconstruction.

• SIMPLE: Easy to use, turning a once-difficult application into a routine operation
• COST EFFECTIVE: Pays for itself in the cost of replacing 2-3 hydrants
• ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: By extending the life of a hydrant and not scrapping difficult-to-recycle materials.

Don’t Dig Up the Hydrant…Save It!

The Stanley Hydrant Saver can be powered by the IW24 Impact Wrench to safely remove fire hydrant valve seats – even those that have seized due to lack of periodic maintenance. The Hydrant Saver allows servicing of hydrants obstructed by walls, fences, buildings, etc. that previously had to be replaced.

• Two complete kits available: Northern Kit with 8 ft. power tube and the Southern Kit with a 6-1/2 ft. power tube. Both kits include a 1-1/2 ft. extension, alignment wrench, retaining pins, and a Mueller 5-1/4 inch socket. A complete selection of sockets is available from Stanley Hydraulic Tools to fit the most commonly found hydrants. Custom sockets also available. Please contact Stanley Hydraulic Tools.