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Stanley Pole Tamper TA54103

The TA54 Tamper is ideal for soil compaction around utility poles, sign and fence posts. It provides 1,600 blows per minute with a long 2-1/2 inch stroke for optimum compaction The long stroke keep the TA54 above the fill making it easy to reposition the tool. Only 2 moving parts. Depending on model the TA54 is furnished with a 3 x 8 inch diameter round shoe or a 4 x 8 inch rectangular shoe can be ordered as options o the base model.

PN: TA54103

  • Flow rate 3-9 GPM.
  • 2 moving parts.
  • 1600 blows per minute.
  • 2-1/2-inch stroke.
  • Kidney foot.

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