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Stanley Underwater Sinker Drill SK58

Best underwater hydraulic rock and concrete sinker drill on the market, available from stanley and accudraulics.

hydraulic underwater drill concrete rock masonry

Underwater concrete, rock and masonry hydraulic sinker drill

The Stanley SK58 underwater sinker drill is a heavy duty rock drill designed for underwater drilling in concrete, rock and masonry. The SK58 uses industry standard drill steel and can drill up to 20′ (6m” deep. The direct drive rotation motor drives the 1″ x 4 1/4″ hex shank drill steel and is adjustable between 0 and 300 rpm.

  • T-Handle with feathering on/off valve allows easy start and control
  • Stainless Steel spools and fasteners
  • Drills up to 3″ diameter hole up to 20′ deep
  • Operates in any position
  • Requires air to clear holes of debris

hydraulic tool specifications - hydraulic tools and attachments

SK5831070 lbs / 32 kg26 in. / 66 cm18 in. / 46 cm1500-2000 psi / 105-140 bar