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Stucchi VEPHDL Series Hydraulic Couplings – Thread to Connect

The VEPHDL Series Heavy-Duty Locking Flat Face Coupler is the ultimate failsafe solution for the most demanding hydraulic applications. This locking female version is interchangeable with standard VEPHD series flat face thread-to-connect heavy duty couplers and features a visual connection indicator for foolproof connection, every time.

Threaded Flat Face Couplings Connect Under Pressure

The VEPHDL thread to connect design eliminates premature wear or brinelling associated with locking ball designs subjected to high impulse pressures. The new HD version has upgraded of material, yellow o-ring visual ID, and larger mating areas. The patented internal valve allows connection and disconnection with high residual pressures. The Flat-Face design avoids loss of hydraulic fluid during connection/disconnection. The Flat-Face design is easy to clean, limiting contamination into the circuit.

Excavator operators face unique challenges when using a hydraulic thumb, which can snap auxiliary hydraulic hoses with conventional hydraulic connections. Snapped lines create serious safety and contamination issues along with equipment damage and costly repairs.

Stucchi offers a unique hydraulic solution with our VEPHDL heavy-duty, flat-face, threaded coupler and a 45° adapter to keep hydraulic lines out of harm’s way.

Download a case study here.

• High working pressures: 400-500 bar range based on size,
• Threaded coupling system eliminates brinelling, premature leakage,
• Connect/disconnect under residual pressure up to 300 bar,
• Valve limits fluid movement during connection avoiding damage to other elements of the circuit,
• Low connection force required.

  • Interchanges with VEP Series,
  • Higher grade of Steel for longer life, yellow o-ring visual ID, and larger mating areas,
  • Excavators w/ auxiliary line for attachments: Thumbs, Grapples, Hammers, and Compactors/Hopaks,
  • High impulse mobile circuits,
  • All construction equipment applications with higher pressure requirements or issues of connecting/disconnecting tool attachments under residual pressure,
  • Connect/Disconnect up to 300 bar residual pressure,
  • Save time changing tools.

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