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Accudraulics Rock Bucket Grapple

The three-inch spacing between the tines allows smaller dirt/debris to fall through leaving on site. With all the special features available on this model it is designed to suit many needs, giving it an exceptional return for the money. Used to clean or remove debris from areas where is it suitable to leave dirt and other small objects behind. Grapple arms are independent and capable of grabbing very uneven loads efficiently. All pivot points are greaseable and hydraulic hoses are of high quality.

MODEL 66″ 72″ 80″
Part Number RBG66 RBG72 RBG80
Weight 700 lbs 725 lbs 750 lbs
Height 21″ 21″ 21″
  • High-grade steel,
  • Tines 3/16” WEAR Steel, Sides ½” Steel,
  • Three sizes available,
  • Dual Steps available,
  • Full cutting edge visibility,
  • Independent grapple for securing uneven loads,
  • Heavily reinforced quick attach,
  • Cylinder protection with checkered plate, also protect hydraulic hoses.,
  • Grapples can be removed in less than ten minutes, for standard rock bucket use,
  • Fully customizable.