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Accudraulics – Tine Bucket Grapple – 68″, 72″, 80″

This tine grapple is designed for moving straw or manure. The tines allow the bucket to grab large loads without the inconvenience of a cutting edge.

All moving points are greaseable to minimize wear. All hinges pivot on one inch shafts with machined bushing. All bushings are greaseable to minimize wear. Front shafts are also greaseable.

Independent Grapple System

Grapples open/close independently to effectively secure uneven loads. Skid Steer needs only one auxiliary to control both grapples as they are tied together.

Adjustable + Protected hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic hoses are secured in protected via a flexible rod. Hose length is adjustable for each machine and protects hoses from getting into the way or getting damaged.

Options at a Glance

  • High grade steel (44W or Hardox Wearplate),
  • 1.5″ round tines, removable and replaceable,
  • Fully Customizable,
  • Independant Grapple for securing uneven loads.