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Blue Diamond 4-In-1 Combination Bucket

The Blue Diamond® Skid Steer 4 in 1 Bucket has set the standard with this extremely durable attachment. It will make a skid steer or compact track loader into a very versatile machine. It can be used as a grapple for moving logs or debris, push dirt with the blade like a dozer, dig with the bucket, or back drag with the open bucket like a box blade. It uses 2 powerful cylinders and can be greased on all pivot points.

10878066″ 4-in-1, W/Smooth Edge862 lbs13.9 cu ft
10878572″ 4-in-1, W/Smooth Edge908 lbs15.2 cu ft
10879078″ 4-in-1, W/Smooth Edge979 lbs16.5 cu ft
10879584″ 4-in-1, W/Smooth Edge1,004 lbs17.7 cu ft
10877660″ 4-in-1, W/Teeth855 lbs12 cu ft
10878166″ 4-in-1, W/Teeth750 lbs13.9 cu ft
10878672″ 4-in-1, W/Teeth981 lbs15.2 cu ft
10879178″ 4-in-1, W/Teeth959 lbs16.5 cu ft
10879684″ 4-in-1, W/Teeth932 lbs17.7 cu ft
  • Protected hoses
  • Standard bolt-on edge on dozer portion
  • Front bolt-on edge available
  • Weld on shanks and teeth available

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