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Blue Diamond Series 2 Heavy Duty Rotating Angle Broom

The Blue Diamond® Series 2 Heavy Duty Rotating Angle Broom is available in manual and hydraulic. A simple to use control comes with the hydraulic angle model to control from inside the cab of your skid steer. The bristles are available in poly or poly-steel mix and are protected by retractable legs when not in use.

11620760″ Manual Angle620 lbs
11621272″ Manual Angle665 lbs
11621784″ Manual Angle811 lbs
11622296″ Manual Angle980 lbs
11620560″ Hydraulic Angle (Requires Wiring Harness)652 lbs
11621072″ Hydraulic Angle (Requires Wiring Harness)687 lbs
11621584″ Hydraulic Angle (Requires Wiring Harness)756 lbs
11622096″ Hydraulic Angle (Requires Wiring Harness)824 lbs
  • 60″, 72”, 84”, and 96″ widths
  • 26” diameter bristles
  • Manual or hydraulic options
  • Poly or poly steel mix
  • Stands protect bristles when not in use
  • 14-pin OEM connector available
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional water kit (25 gallon)
  • Pivot Angle of 30 degrees

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