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Blue Diamond High Flow

The Blue Diamond® High Flow Cold Planer uses the most trusted components in the industry, from the Sauer piston motor to the Fairfield planetary hub featured in the high flow models. These high end components, combined with the highly engineered design, makes this one of the most reliable units available for a skid steer.

16011016″ Low Flow3824-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI1,250 lbs+/-15
160220-HP16″ High Flow3827-45 GPM2450-5000 PSI1,710 lbs+/-15
16022518″ High Flow4024-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI1,805 lbs+/-15
160225-HP18″ High Flow4027-45 GPM2450-5000 PSI1,810 lbs+/-15
16023024″ High Flow5024-45 GPM2000-3500 PSI1,970 lbs+/-13
160230-HP24″ High Flow5027-45 GPM2450-5000 PSI1,970 lbs+/-13
160235-HP30″ High Flow6030-45 GPM2500-5000 PSI2,160 lbs+/-10
16024040″ High Flow7630-45 GPM3000-3500 PSI2,450 lbs+/-8
160240-HP40″ High Flow7630-45 GPM3000-5000 PSI2,455 lbs+/-8
160245-HP48″ High Flow9030-45 GPM3250-5000 PSI3,210 lbs+/-6
  • Electronic adjustment controls
  • High-torque, planetary drive
  • High drum weight = less vibration
  • 5/8″ thick drum tube
  • Easy access tooth replacement
  • Water kit available
  • Fine-cut drum available
  • 16″-48″ Grinding Widths
  • Up to 6″ Cutting Depth

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