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Blue Diamond Mini Standard Bucket

Blue Diamond® Mini Buckets come with either a 15” or 20” back height. Constructed sturdier than most OEM buckets, these durable buckets are built for the long haul when paired with your mini skid steer! They are available in smooth and tooth, and a bolt-on edge is an available option for extra protection against wear and tear. Standard widths are from 36” to 60” wide with a bottom length of 25″ deep. Each bucket comes standard with a D-ring.

  •  Bottom length depth of 25”
  • Constructed of 3/16” A36 steel
  • Available with smooth or tooth edge
  • 15” or 20” tall
  • Comes standard with D-ring
  • Optional bolt-on cutting edge (for smooth) 
  • Mounts available to fit most mini skid steers

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