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Blue Diamond Rototiller

Till up to 6” deep with this Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Bidirectional Rototiller. The pivoting tines allow for maximum bite in either direction for use in forward or reverse. Our rototiller is made for heavy duty tilling with your skid steer, and it provides a level of quality you just won’t find anywhere else.

12901068″ Rototiller, 6″ Depth490 lbs
12901268″ Rototiller, 8″ Depth590 lbs
12901576″ Rototiller, 6″ Depth630 lbs
12901776″ Rototiller, 8″ Depth630 lbs
  • Tilling widths of 68″ and 76″
  • Works in forward and reverse
  • Double edge replaceable tines
  • Does not require high flow
  • Tilling depth of up to 6″ or 8″
  • Protected direct drive motor with a heavy duty bearing nose cone (not chain drive!)
  • Solid round tube on leading edge for strength
  • Hood design resists jamming
  • 15 to 23 GPM

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