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Blue Diamond Extreme Duty

The Blue Diamond® Extreme Duty Power Rake is designed to power through jobs where others fail, and is set up for simple servicing.  The massive 6,000 series motor and optimal drum size produce maximum torque, and the motor is kept out of the way, maximizing usable width in tighter areas.  Aggressive 2″ teeth are ideal for leaving a fresh seed bed with fewer passes.

132110Replaceable72″66″82″1,135 lbs
132112Fixed72″66″82″1,085 lbs
132115Replaceable84″78″78″1,160 lbs
132117Fixed84″78″94″1,110 lbs
132120Replaceable96″90″106″1,185 lbs
132122Fixed96″90″106″1,135 lbs
  • 6,000 series motor weighs twice what competitive models do, and has around 40% more torque
  • 18 – 26 GPM hydraulic flow, max 4000 PSI
  • Optional replaceable teeth versus fixed teeth that require welding to replace
  • Airless tires – no flats
  • 5 position, 20 degree angle, manual or hydraulic
  • Optional bolt-on skid shoes add 30% load capacity over side plates alone
  • 6 3/4” drum diameter, 10 3/4” including teeth
  • Replaceable teeth hardness is HRC 50

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