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Erskine Heavy Duty Rock Saws – 18HDRS -24HDRS

Erskine’s heavy duty rock saw attachment for skid steers cuts through asphalt and concrete with high speed efficiency.

hydraulic rock saw heavy duty attachment hydraulic rock saw heavy duty attachment hydraulic rock saw heavy duty attachment

Cut through asphalt and concrete with greater efficiency with the Heavy-Duty Rock Saw attachment from Erskine. This powerhouse rock saw delivers up to 20 FPM cutting speeds. Hydraulic side-shift and depth control allow for skid steer operators to shift it up to 24” for manoeuvring close to buildings and other obstacles from the comfort of your seat.

Cut up to 18” or 24” deep. Side cutting teeth, a side motor protection blade, and a floating spoil deflector come standard.

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  • Highly visible depth gauge allows for more precise control over cutting depth,
  • Large spindle & support bearing improves cutting efficiency by stabilizing the cutter head,
  • Side cutter head teeth minimize any cutter head binding while cutting full-depth trenches,
  • Dual depth control legs improve stability while cutting,
  • New motor & gearbox provides 33% more available torque than the standard rock Saw,
  • Our universal quick attach plates fit most skid steers.
Part Number901306901307
Motor Specifications
Minimum Flow Rate25 GPM25 GPM
Maximum Flow Rate60 GPM60 GPM
Maximum Speed130 RPM130 RPM
Minimum Operating Pressure2,200 psi2,200 psi
Maximum Pressure4,800 psi4,800 psi
Maximum Power Output80 HP80 HP
Maximum Torque6,640 lb-ft6,640 lb-ft
Saw Specifications
Hydraulic Flow ClassificationHigh FlowHigh Flow
Number of Teeth5472
Width of Cut2.75″2.75″
Depth of Cut18″24″
Depth ControlHydraulicHydraulic
Side-Shift Distance24″24″
Side-Shift ControlHydraulicHydraulic
Overall Width66.5″66.5″
Overall Length69.5″76.2″
Overall Height53″64″
Weight2,550 lb.3,150 lb.
Cutting SpeedUp to 20 FPMUp to 20 FPM
Pistol Grip Control Harness
Loader Specific Wire Harness
Factory Installed Case Drain Coupler
Factory Installed Couplers
Factory Installed High Flow Couplers