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Erskine Stump Bucket

The Stump Bucket is designed for maximum prying strength for the toughest stump and rock removal jobs. A specially engineered fulcrum point provides additional leverage for digging. The reinforced mounting plate is built to handle the added pressure. Serrated sides provide cutting action to work through stubborn roots.

ModelStump Bucket
Part Number900559
Overall Width45.4”
Overall Length61.27”
Cutting Edge Width13.5”
Bucket Width at Cutting Edge12.1”
Bucket Width at Mounting Plate21.9”
Replaceable Teeth3 pin-on teeth
Cutting Edge1″ x 6″ weld-on


  • Heavy-duty 1” by 6” cutting edge
  • 1/2” steel on sides, bottom, and back of the bucket
  • Fulcrum point for prying out stumps and rocks with added leverage
  • Reinforced mounting plate to handle large prying loads
  • Solid welds inside and out for increased strength


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