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Erskine Skeleton Rock Bucket

The Skeleton Rock Bucket is engineered to pick rocks from the soil while sifting. Perfect for picking up rock and debris for farming and landscaping. Designed with grade 50 steel to provide strength for rigorous digging and hauling.

Part Number925038925039925040925050925051
Weight378 lb.441 lb.491 lb.710 lb.740 lb.
Maximum Width60″72″84″72″84″
Maximum Height19.375″19.375″19.375″19.375″19.375″
Maximum Depth28.625″28.625″28.625″34.667″34.667″
Spacing Between Teeth3 1/16″3″3 1/4″3″3″
Steel ConstructionGrade 50Grade 50Grade 50Grade 50Grade 50
Tine Thickness3/8″3/8″3/8″1/2″1/2″


  • Open design for excellent operator visibility
  • Extra long tines for carrying larger loads
  • Tines designed to keep material from rolling forward
  • Gusseted tines for added strength
  • Excellent for rooting and back dragging


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