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Erskine Tree Spade Bucket

The Utility Spade is an economical and efficient way to transplant small trees. Simply scoop out your destination soil, then scoop up your tree and place it in its new location. This affordable attachment is appropriate for the home, farm and commercial operator.

Model Utility Spade
Part Number 900809
Tree Size (Evergreen) 2.5”
Tree Size (Hardwood) 2”
Root Ball Diameter 32”
Root Ball Depth 22”
Blade Angle 75°
Blade Thickness 1/4” High Alloy
Blade Truncation Sharp
Recommended Minimum HP 40
Shipping Weight 290 lb.
Weight with Root Ball 790 lb.
Dimensions (L x W x H) 50” x 45” x 21”


  • Sharp digging point
  • 1/4″ high alloy steel
  • Frame reinforcement
  • Clear operator view


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