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Erskine 4-In-1 Combination Bucket

This multipurpose bucket does it all – dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading, and dumping. Use it on demolition, construction, landscaping and municipal jobs. Its interlocking serrated grapple edges hold objects securely while its unique design provides optimum digging force.

Part Number900523900525900527
Shipping Weight850 lb.890 lb.950 lb.
Operating Weight800 lb.840 lb.900 lb.
Overall Width68”74”82”
Open Angle75”75”75”
Capacity (struck).42 cubic yd..45 cubic yd..50 cubic yd.
Capacity (heaped).49 cubic yd..54 cubic yd..59 cubic yd.
Cutting Edge3/4” x 6” front (1)3/4” x 6” front (1)3/4” x 6” front (1)
1/2” x 4” rear (2)1/2” x 4” rear (2)1/2” x 4” rear (2)
Hydraulic Cylinders3″” x 8″” (2)3″” x 8″” (2)3″” x 8″” (2)


  • Good visibility to the front cutting edge
  • Bucket bottom and clamshell are reinforced
  • Multitasking bucket keeps your skid steer productive
  • Great for site cleanup, scraping, and brush removal
  • The grapple opening is approximately 29″


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