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Felco vibratory compaction buckets – dual task hydraulic attachments

The bucket screener developed by HARTL is a quality, robust screen drum that has been ingeniously fitted to an excavator bucket. This compact screening unit is mounted on an excavator (or similar machine) and attached by our quick coupling system. The drive is run from the excavator’s hydraulic motor.

Yellow compactor bucket Felco hydraulic attachment

No matter what method of compaction you choose, only Felco compaction buckets offer the versatility to backfill and compact all in one. If you are looking for a bucket that works well in granular material or conditions that are sandy and wet, this is the bucket for you.

Felco vibratory compaction buckets have been designed to fit all carriers from mini excavators, backhoes, to excavators.

Impulse force from 3,500 lbs. – 34,000 lbs. Oil splash bearings (no greasing), four function valve controls flow, pressure, regeneration, and oil flow direction (Flow regulator) come standard with every vibratory compaction bucket.

Capable of 2-5 foot lifts depending upon soils and moisture content.

All Felco vibratory compaction buckets come with OEM ears, quick coupler brackets, bolt on top brackets and custom footpad dimensions, also available linkage pins, bolt on cutting edges, or teeth.


What’s more, all Felco vibratory buckets have flow regulators that help maintain the proper flow and pressure at the motor. (Ask our Felco specialist about the correct machine pressures, return pressure, and gallons per minute.) And the vibratory compaction buckets are equipped with oil splash bearings. Simply put, this means no greasing—ever.

Felco custom-builds every set of bucket ears to match each excavator’s OEM specs or to adapt to your brand of quick coupler.

Available for Excavators, Mini-Excavators, & Backhoes

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  • Linkage Pins,
  • Bolt-on Cutting Lip,
  • Weld on adapters and teeth,
  • Bolt on ears,
  • Quick coupler brackets,
  • NPK or Allied Vibe Units.

See the Vibratory Compaction Bucket in action here!