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LaBounty MSD Mobile Shears – 800R, 1000R, 1500R, 2000R, 2250R, 2500R, 3000R, 4000R, 4500R, 7500R, 9500R

The MSD Saber-Lube Series shears use a simple, patent pending, automated lubrication delivery system to lube specific components of the shear resulting in increased production, less wear, and less maintenance.

LaBounty Mobile Shears are engineered to maximize performance, longevity and safety with significantly reduced maintenance time. LaBounty has mobile shears for scrap metal processing, demolition and road/bridge reconstruction, building demolition, and wood demolition and recycling.


  • Patented Reversible Saber Tip is less maintenance and more operating time,
  • Patented LaBounty built reversed, large bore, forged cylinder rods and seal design leads to longer seal life and higher operation PSI,
  • Dual Guide Slide Puck system keeps the jaw aligned and reduces jamming,
  • Rotating models offer 360 degree rotating for ease of use,
  • Speed valves provide faster cycle times .

Looking for a shear small enough for interior processing of metal yet extremely powerful? The MSD 7R Mobile Shear extends the usefulness of your bobcat or skid steer.

Check out this video of a LaBounty shear in use at our client’s facility: Interlake Salvage and Recycling in Stonewall, Manitoba.

Watch the video below on how to maintain your shears’ blades.


MSD 7R7,50015,0001,10010115′
MSD 80015,00020,0002,73515177’3″
MSD 800R18,00026,0002,25015177’3″
MSD 100020,00035,0004,20019205’11”
MSD 1000R23,00040,0004,40019208’6″
MSD 150027,00055,0006,60022256’9″
MSD 1500R40,00066,0007,00022259’3″
MSD 200042,00070,0008,85028298’3″
MSD 2000R50,00090,00010,200282911’0″
MSD 225044,00088,00010,50030308’0″
MSD 2250R55,000110,00012,500303011’9″
MSD 250050,00090,00012,00032348’9″
MSD 2500R70,000110,00014,600323412’6″
MSD 300070,000144,00013,30035389’10”
MSD 3000R95,000160,00017,000353814’1″
MSD 400080,000150,00016,600404412’0″
MSD 4000R100,000170,00019,000404414’11”
MSD 450090,000160,00017,900384310’8″
MSD 4500R110,000185,00021,000384314’2″
MSD 7500135,000consult factory25,500434511’10”
MSD 7500R160,000275,00030,000434515’7″
MSD 9500175,000consult factory37,300485215’4″
MSD 9500R275,000consult factory43,300485218’4″