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Stanley Submersible Pump – SM50

The SM50 pump discharges an impressive 500 gallons per minute (1890 lpm) while it’s small size allows it to fit in a box 11 inches deep by 10 inches square (26.7 cm x 25.4 cm). These pumps can run dry without damage and can move water that is debris-filled.

 Pumping power to move… a lot.

The SM50 Water Pump is a submersible, centrifugal type pump that requires no priming. The motor is a contaminant-tolerant gear motor uniquely designed for continuous highspeed operation. The motor drives the impeller directly, so there are no spindle bearings that require periodic lubrication or replacement. The cast stainless steel, semi-closed impeller resists corrosion. A series of seals on the drive shaft effectively keep hydraulic fluid and pumped water where they belong while allowing the pump to be run dry without sudden seal failure.

The SM50 is fitted with dripless flat faced HTMA quick couplers for easy connecting and disconnecting of the pump and hydraulic system. The water outlet is a 3-inch pipe thread fitted with a 3-inch groove fitting to which can be connected a cam hose end fitting. Access to the pumping chamber for cleaning requires the removal of only two capscrews. The motor with the impeller attached is then easily removed from the pump casing. The SM50 can draw down water to a depth of 3.5 inches. Putting the SM50 in a sump will allow it to pump all but 3.5 inches of water remaining in the sump. The integrated screen keeps solids larger than 3/8 of an inch out of the pump. The pump will handle clear water and water containing up to 10% solids.


SM50SM5010021 lb /9.5 kg10.5 in./26.7 cm10 in./25.4 cm7-12 gpm / 26-45 lpm500 gpm / 1890 lpm3 in. / 75 mmSteel