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Accudrualics Snowpusher

This heavy-duty snow pusher for skid steers is highly customizable. With widths from 84″ to 120″, Removable sides, an optional pullback blade, and more, this snow pusher can be further customized for your needs.

This heavy-duty snow pusher from Accudraulics is in stock and can be custom manufactured to your needs. Made with high-quality steel, this snow pusher moves snow up to 5 times faster than a conventional snow blade. Designed for great visibility while working, it features adjustable wear shoes and a high carbon cutting edge.


Adjustable Wear Shoes

Bottom wear shoes are adjustable for user convenience. Can also be set to leave behind a certain amount of snow or any product being moved such as gravel, dirt, fill, and much more.

Removable Sides

Sides are removable allowing the user to use attachment as a push blade. Also allows extensions to be added and removed easily.

Optional Pull Back Blade

Tilting forward turns the blade into a backdrag, for pulling material away from building, doors, or other areas.

Adjustable Quick Attach

Quick Attach may be moved up and down to meet user requirements. Can also be completely removed to add another type of quick attach system.

Options at a Glance

  • 84″ Model
  • 96″ Model
  • 120″ Model
  • Bolt-on removable teeth Add-on