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Felco Bucket Roller Compactor available for Excavators, Mini-Excavators and Backhoes

Felco Wheel Compactors combine industry-leading sealed journal axle bearings and proven tamping pad wheel design all within a rigid frame built to withstand heavy use.

roller-bucket felco excavator attachment roller-bucket felco excavator attachment roller-bucket felco excavator attachment

A wheel roller AND compactor bucket. Dual purpose attachment.

Felco roller compaction buckets ensure peak efficiency for operator and machine. Time equals money – increase your productivity today with a Felco roller compaction bucket. Your 2-in-1 backfill and compacting attachment with the sealed journal axle bearings with bearings lubricated internally by oil.

Industry-Best 5 Year Warranty


1.) Offers the versatility to dig, place, and compact all in one.
2.) Eliminates the need for multiple excavator attachments, which means no transition time switching between separate compaction and excavator bucket attachments.
3.) Eliminates the need for an additional person and stand-alone compactor in the trench.
4.) Eliminates the need for a dozer or loader for backfilling.

And Felco’s unique, proven tamping pad roller design incorporates sealed journal axle bearings with bearings lubricated by oil, eliminating the need for greasing.

With the Felco Roller Compaction Bucket, place backfill in the exact amount needed to ensure uniform lifts, then conveniently compact it WITH THE SAME TOOL. Turns your machine into a complete digging/backfill/compaction system with this versatile roller compaction bucket.