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Pengo Aggressor Tree Auger

The Landscape Aggressor® tree auger is specifically designed for horticulture plantings. The two-stage cutting profile produces a stepped-hole profile designed to fit the root ball while providing additional clearance for proper backfilling.

Pengo’s Aggressor® tree auger is a more robust version of our Landscape Aggressor® Tree Auger and made specifically for high-duty cycle applications. Offering the same two-stage design that produces a tailored fit for the root ball, the Aggressor® also offers the options of a 2” hex connection and the ability to change the pilot and teeth to accommodate light rock and permafrost soil conditions.

  • Attach to backhoe loader, skid steer, mini-track loader, and compact excavators,
  • Cast alloy steel hub,
  • 5/16″ thick semi-double,
  • 1/2″ cast alloy steel shank,
  • 1 piece cast head,
  • 40/50 degree angle teeth with 3-point lock and bolt fasteners,
  • Triflow Pilot Bit with three drill points for longer wear.

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