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Erskine Extreme Duty Snow-blower for Excavators, backhoes, large skidsteers, and Tractors

You wanted big snow removal power. Here it is. The Erskine Extreme-Duty Hydraulic Snowblower is designed to move huge volumes of snow quickly in the harshest environments, from mountain to municipality snow removal – to Saskatchewan’s and Manitoba’s worst snow dumps, this beast will move a phenomenal amount of snow.


  • Radial Piston Motor
  • 28” Five-Bladed Cupped Fan Design & 3/16” AR400 Replaceable Liner
  • Four Stage Chute Design
  • Pivoting Universal Attachment Plate
  • Three Sectional Trip Cutting Edge
  • Serrated 28” AR400 Double Ribboned Auger
  • Dual Auger Motors
  • Spin-Formed Directional Funnel
  • 7 Position Adjustable Auger Height Design
  • 10 Gauge Heavy-Duty Moldboard Body Design
  • Heavy-Duty Crank Style Skid Shoes
  • Stainless Steel Auger Deflector
  • Side Cutters
  • Adjustable Height Mounting Plate Design
  • Versatility Pin-in Mount

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